Plant your turns with confidence

Alpine Ski Poles often end up as an afterthought but a pair that is well fitted should last you multiple seasons. Designed to be strong but lightweight, buying the right ski pole doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ll go over how to size them correctly and a few options that may narrow your pole selection down.



In your shoes or boots take the pole and flip it upside down so the grip is on the floor and hold the pole right underneath the basket. Your elbow should create 90° angle, if it’s less than 90°, try a shorter pole and if the angle is greater than 90° try a longer pole. Most ski poles go up in 5cm increments, if you’re finding that your ideal length is somewhere in between sizes, the shorter of the two is usually the best option. 


6'7" + 56 140
6'4"-6'6" 54 135
6'1"-6'3" 52 130
5'10"-6'0" 49 125
5'7"-5'9" 48 120
5'4"-5'6" 46 115
5'1"-5'3" 44 110
4'9"-5'0" 42 105
4'5"-4'8" 40 100
4'1"-4'4" 38 95
3'9"-4'0" 36 90
3'5"-3'8" 34 85
<3'4" 32 80



The strap on your poles is essentially there to keep your poles in place, whether your grip slips while you’re planting a turn or if you fall, your poles will stay with you rather than getting lost uphill. Most ski pole straps are made of a flexible nylon material with adjustable tabs.

When wearing the straps, your hand should go through the loop, then grip the handle over the strap. When you’re trying on poles or adjusting the straps, make sure you have your ski gloves or mitts on to ensure they slide on and off easily.


The Basket is the plastic disk over the tip of the pole which prevents it from sinking too far down into the snow. A larger disk is favourable in powdery conditions while a smaller disk will work well on groomed terrain. Some poles will come with alternate disks but they can also be purchased separately.

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