$44.99 $31.49
Highly fluorinated paraffin wax for racing and training missions For fine to coarse and wet snow For snow temperatures from - 4 ° to - 10 ° C Top marks in acceleration, slipperiness and abrasion resistance Maximum water and dirt...
The innovative arched heating plate allows the wax to flow over the entire base reducing wax usage and overflow onto the sides of the edges. Precise temperature settings with digital control combine with a highly accurate thermostat ensure...
Diamond stone, For polishing steel edges, For recreation, Sharpens edge quicklyDiamond Disk Tuner. 88 and 89 degrees. Fixes your edges quickly! Features: Regular Canadian Price: $43.99 On the Hill Diamon Pocket Tuner 88 & 89 Degrees
Product Description: For a high quality finish on ski, snowboard and skate edges use the Wintersteiger Ski Man Diamond Stone File. 100mm fine grit option is designed from the latest in diamond stone technology from Europe. The durable and tough...
Product Description: Start your ski edge tuning procedure off right with the Coarse Wintersteiger Ski Man Diamond File Stone. This 200 Grit file stone is 100mm and works best when used wet and with a file guide. The innovative diamond design of this...