2022 POC Retina Big Clarity Comp Goggles

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  • 2022 POC Retina Big Clarity Comp Goggles
  • 2022 POC Retina Big Clarity Comp Goggles
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The Retina Big Clarity Comp ski goggles provide a huge field of view, helping you react to potential hazards more quickly. A malleable PU frame and triple-layer face foam ensures the goggles conform to different face shapes, and remain flexible in the coldest temperatures. Clarity Comp lenses are developed specifically for the intensity of competition. The lenses use specific and highly advanced tints to optimize the color spectrum for better vision. Unique Spektris mirror coatings have been engineered to complement each Clarity lens and are applied for three distinct weather conditions: sunny; partly sunny and overcast. An extra Clarity Comp No Mirror lens is included.


Frame Size Medium/Large Frame Colour Select From Above Lens Shape Spherical
Light Conditions Partly Cloudy Lens Tint & VLT % Refer To Lens Tint Guide Above Helmet Compatible Yes
Over the Glass No Lens Change Moderate Additional Lenses Yes - Low Light Lens
Polarized No Venting High Includes Spare Lens
Frame Features Triple-layer face Other Features Silicone grip strap, Anti-Fog/Anti-scratch treatment, UV protection (UV400)